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We equip our clients with mental skills to help them maximize their potential, improve performance and basically unleash their superpower.

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lizette founder

Lizette Beri M. N

Founder & Brain Coach

My deep interest in the complexities of the human brain was sparked by my curiosity to understand why some students, despite studying diligently, still fail exams while others who seem less invested, consistently excel.

As a student, I found school to be monotonous as I would quickly grasp the material and retain it, making classes seem slow-paced. This often resulted in social isolation, as I struggled to find peers who shared the same academic aptitude. At one point, I even contemplated intentionally failing exams in order to fit in and make friends.

This sense of frustration and lost potential persisted until early 2015, when I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and delved deeper into understanding the intricacies of the human brain.

Through this process, I realized that every individual’s brain is unique and shapes their perception of the world. However, the universal need for inner peace and a calm mind resonated with me.

In 2016, my life took an unexpected turn when I fell seriously ill and underwent multiple major surgeries due to intestinal obstruction. Despite being misdiagnosed and losing a significant portion of my small intestines, I was determined to survive. The doctors informed me that without TPN nutrition, my chances of survival were less than 5%, and even with it, I would have at most three months to live.

Drawing upon my knowledge of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, I refused to accept this bleak prognosis and instead visualized a positive outcome. Miraculously, I not only survived, but surpassed all odds and am now thriving. This experience has made me realize that I am more than a conqueror.

Motivated by my own journey, I founded BFC with the aim of helping others overcome challenges, transforming adversity into a compelling story, and harnessing the power of the mind to create the life they desire. I firmly believe that there is untapped potential within each individual, and I am committed to showing them the possibilities that lie within their own minds.

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