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We equip our clients with mental skills to help them maximize their potential, improve performance and basically unleash their superpower.

What is Brain Fitness?

Brain Fitness is not IQ/EQ

Brain Fitness is the state of brain health and mental well-being that makes you “fit” for life and work demands. 

It’s more about the fundamental measure of the brain’s ability to function efficiently and effectively during work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist distress and fight diseases.

Brain fitness can be protected and nurtured through:

Services we Provide

Our Programs

Elite Performer

This program is for sports men/ women and entertainers to help them fall in love with the process and build confidence for the stage.

Warrior Queen

This program is for gifted women who have passion for their work, mothers who get overwhelmed raising their kids, etc.

Workforce Productivity

This program is for equipping employees with mental skills fit to produce efficiently even in the midst of crisis.

Smarts & Polymath Web

This is a hub for hyper intelligent people who identify problems in our communities and together create the best innovative solutions.

Brain Fitness for Schools

This program is for priming the minds of the learners for education as education/learning is far beyond the classroom experiences.

Brain for Businesses (B4B)

This program is for individuals who are starting a business or have a business idea they want to venture into.

Unleashing the Power of the Brain

Life is 90% mental.

With our help, you can use your beautiful mind to bring life where there is death, harness the brain’s power and create the life you want.

Take Control

Super power lies in how well you can take control over what motivates an action or reaction in your life and how best you intentionally manage your internal and external environment.

Handle Obstacles

If you can handle obstacles well and keep your cool, you will thrive. Because your brain coordinates everything else, it will benefit you greatly to take care of it and maximize its use in your life.

Lizette Beri M. N

Motivated by my own journey, I founded BFC with the aim of helping others overcome challenges, transforming adversity into a compelling story, and harnessing the power of the mind to create the life they desire. I firmly believe that there is untapped potential within each individual, and I am committed to showing them the possibilities that lie within their own minds.



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